Barrie Schwortz writes on STERA’s Facebook page:

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT… In 2012 an international Shroud Congress was held in Valencia, Spain and many excellent papers were presented by noted Shroud scholars from around the world, including Emanuela Marinelli, Bruno Barberis, Ian Wilson, Paolo Di Lazzaro, Mark Guscin, César Barta Gil, Robert Villarreal and many more. More than a dozen of the papers are available on in both English and Spanish language versions and are well worth your time.


1st International Congress on the Holy Shroud in Spain – Valencia

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This extremely successful conference was organized and sponsored by the highly respected Centro Español de Sindonologia (CES), which is also celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year. With a host of speakers from around the world presenting papers on a wide array of Shroud related topics, the public event attracted a large volume of attendees who filled the beautiful auditorium at the University of Valencia every day. Speakers included noted members of the CES like President Jorge Manuel Rodriguez, Dr. Alfonso Munoz-Cobo, César Barta, Fr. Manuel Carreira, Mark Guscin and many more, as well as Bruno Barberis, Emanuela Marinelli, Marzia Boi, and Paolo di Lazzaro from Italy, John and Rebecca Jackson, Robert Villarreal and Barrie Schwortz from the U.S., Ian Wilson from Australia and David Rolfe from the UK.. Below you will find a complete chronological listing of the speakers and their topics. We have also included links to some of the excellent papers that were presented and hope to add more in the future. In some cases, we have included the actual PowerPoint presentations shown by the speakers so you can see the images that went with the text of their papers.

It is really worth your time to browse through this page if you missed it before. Or maybe like me, you just want to be reminded of what’s there.