imageA complete scan of the Papers from 1991 Shroud Conference are available at If you are interested in reading them, I recommend downloading a copy soon. I suspect that these will be removed as they are in clear violation of Academia’s terms and conditions.

For instance, just last week, the same person who uploaded the ‘91 papers, uploaded a copy of an "Article about STURP in National Geographic Magazine – June 1980." That article has already been taken down as it was a clear violation of copyright law and a clear abuse of Academia policies; the site is not a public archive.

Many prominent shroud scholars use, to name just a few: Andrea Nicolotti, Emanuela Marinelli, Paolo Di Lazzaro, Adrie Vd Hoeven, Alessandro Piana, Mark Antonacci, Andy Weiss. For them and for us It is a great facility, so long as it is not abused. I would hate to see shroud scholars get a bad reputation among Academia’s editors and users by one eccentric shroud evangelist who is saturating the site with papers written by others and scans of brochures, catalogues and newspaper clippings.