Joe Marino in an email writes:

Barrie has posted a new update at

It includes information about the St. Louis Shroud conference to be held in October 2014.

The conference site general information page can be found at:  The registration page is not yet ready but we hope to have it online in early 2014.

imageWe have some significant news regarding participants.

Prof. Bruno Barberis [pictured] of the Turin Centro has accepted the committee’s invitation to attend.  He even hopes to present one or two papers per correspondence with me.

In addition, we have preliminary commitments from 6 STURP members to attend.

I’m looking forward to a very exciting conference and seeing many old and new faces!  We hope to see as many SSG members that can make it.

Let me also take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Some of you may be wondering who is Prof. Bruno Barberis?

1) Over at find Who’s Who in the Shroud World: An Interview with Bruno Barberis

2) This URL,, constructs a special page of all postings in this blog that contain Prof. Barberis’ name. The most significant of those posts is Barberis: Fanti’s conclusions are not scientific

3) Here is an interview of Bruno Barberis by Jerome Corsi: