imageFrom Ed Brayton’s (pictured) Dispatches from the Culture Wars, we have this (Ed’s okay. A professional comedian who while mocking religion of any kind is just self-deprecating enough to not talk down as he does so):

My favorite Catholic wingnut, Matt Wykoff, is once again sending me unsolicited emails that are stuff to the brim with the bizarre and the deranged. This may be my favorite claim of all: That the Shroud of Turin is authentic and that “there was no entropy during the formation of the image.” I have no idea what that could possibly mean. He doesn’t either, of course. Here’s the first screed:

1. Just as Geocentrism is scientifically irrefutable : Science demonstrates the Resurrection and Crucifixion of the Almighty God and Lord Jesus Christ and that is the One and Only True God. Easter really is the most scientific thing there is. There is Absolutely No Salvation Outside the Catholic Church see the central truths of Christianity – the miraculous Life, Miracles, Death, Crucifixion, and Resurrection of God Lord Jesus Christ are scientifically demonstrated. Science absolutely proves the Life, Crucifixion, Death, and Resurrection of the Our Lord Jesus Christ (the Christian one and not the Protestant one who doesn’t even exist and is maybe perhaps imaginary or just an evil spirit). Both the Spiritual/Sacred and physical/natural sciences prove this. In the post script I’ll deal only with the physical science part of it.

[ . . . ]

3. The STURP Team (The Shroud of Turin Research Project) said that the body had to be weightless during the formation of the image and that there was no entropy during the formation of the image. Nobel Prize winning physicist Dame Isabel Piczek also said that physics prove that the body was floating between the top and bottom part of the 2 sides of the Shroud when the intense burst and flash of the light of the Resurrection occurred. . . . These elite scientists on earth (STURP) spent over 150,000 man hours studying the Shroud with the most advanced technology in science today.


Dame Piczek was a Nobel Prize winning physicist? I don’t to this day know is she was a physicist or a scientist of any kind. Did Wykoff mean ‘most elite scientists on earth’?

Matt Wykoff then forgets about the shroud and drifts from one unreality to another unreality:

According to the famous web-traffic ranker, ( is the highest-ranked traditional Catholic website in the world. Note that it’s not just the highest-ranked sedevacantist website in the world (which is true by far), but (or has the highest ranking of all ‘traditional Catholic’ websites in the world.

[ . . . ]

Christian armies are amazing. No wonder you have interest in “faith based” military operations. No wonder you want to know more about them. They whipped the pants off of the united states, Jews, England, and Soviet Russia and 50 other nations during the Spanish Civil War. They also whipped the pants off the of the united states during the Mexican revolutionary war. Your America sent armies down there and also weapons, aircraft, artillery, and machine guns and also raped 14 year old Mexican Catholic females who were coming out of catechism classes.

I’d forgotten all about this Beavis and Butthead monastery. Last year, I published a posting, The Sedevacantist Monk and his YouTube Shroud of Turin video. I mentioned that Br. Dimond, a self-proclaimed "Benedictine monk" is one of a two-person Sedevacantism monastic sect.  The other member is his sibling-brother Peter. (Is Matt Wykoff a third monk or merely a fan?) These guys claim that the papacy has been vacant since the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958. From the two/three-person "Most Holy Family Monastery" they claim that Pope John Paul I was murdered by Masons and Communists who infiltrated the Vatican. They claim the Chair of Peter is still empty. And, as one might imagine, they claim many other things from their website at and

Shhh. Don’t tell anyone. Matt Wykoff is a Protestant Wingnut.