This YouTube video The Shroud of Turin & the Light Body was just published four days ago so the electrons may not be dry yet. Handle with care. Don’t forget to wear your tinfoil hat. Here is some of the description of the video:

The Shroud of Turin as you have never heard it discussed. That’s because William Henry and sindinologist James Barrett take a completely new look at the shroud, based on their deep knowledge of early Christianity and what only researchers like William know about the light body, which is what probably created the image on the shroud. Then Linda Moulton Howe interviews a close encounter witness with a message for our future.

The historical records for the shroud can be separated into two time periods: before 1390 and from 1390 to the present. The period until 1390 is subject to debate among historians. Author Ian Wilson has proposed that the Shroud was the Image of Edessa, but scholars such as Averil Cameron have stated that the history of the Image of Edessa represents "very murky territory", can not be traced back as a miraculous image and it may not have even been a cloth.

Ads break in in unexpected places in the hour long video, which is helpful because you do need to catch your breath or pour a drink or something.