Tom Watson, Jr., for many years Chairman of the Board and CEO of IBM, once said,

Kierkegaard drew his point — you can make wild ducks tame, but you can never make tame ducks wild again. One might also add that the duck who is tamed will never go anywhere any more.

I kept that quotation on the wall of my office. Visitors often noted, however, that it is the wild ducks that get shot at.

You. like Hugh, are a wild duck around here. You experiment. You hypothesize. You question what others have observed, perhaps even imagined. You are constructively skeptical. Your smart and you’re a smart ass. All of this is appreciated. It isn’t (or at least should not be) about being pro-authenticity or anti-authenticity but about being pro-truth. That takes a lot of high-flying, wild duckism. Yours is a valuable role.

My role is different. I’m the guy that walks around with a shotgun looking for low flying birds. Sorry about the buckshot you saw flying by. Okay, so I missed. So keep on flying, wildly and high.

No insult was intended.