Is the Image on the Shroud of Turin a Selfie?

the scientific study of the Shroud of Turin

imageDo you remember the laughter that ensued when you used the word sindonology? Well things are improving.





the scientific study of the Shroud of Turin.

1965–70;  < Italian sindon ( e ) the shroud in which Christ was interred(< Greek (NT) sindṓn winding sheet, Greek: muslin sheet; cf. sindon) + -o- + -logy

Related forms

sin·do·nol·o·gist, noun

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  1. the study of the shroud that the body of Christ is thought to have been wrapped in

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  1. The study of the Shroud of Turin.


1965–70; < It sindon(e) the shroud in which Christ was interred (< Gk (NT) sindṓn winding sheet, Gk: muslin sheet; cf. sindon) + -o- + -logy

Related terms


  • study of holy shroud


From: The Free Dictionary by Farlex


the study of fabric artifacts, especially the supposed burial shroud of Christ. — sindonologist, n.

See also: Christ

However: Merriam-Webster’s doesn’t have sindonology yet. Neither does the grand poobah of dictionaries, Oxford, which can find room for selfie (a photograph that one has taken of oneself). Selfie was just named Oxford’s Word of the Year leading me to wonder if some sindonologist’s, Antonacci and Jackson for instance, or Rogers, might call the image on the shroud a selfie.

5 thoughts on “Is the Image on the Shroud of Turin a Selfie?”

  1. Sturp examined the Shroud in 1978 and also took samples, could some one tell me why a carbon test was not done in 1978 or was it done and never told. It seems impossible to think they did all these tests without carbon dating it

    1. I don’t believe they had permission at that time to conduct an invasive test. I also suspect they, STERA,assumed the tests they already had planned would prove the Shroud was not authentic. C-14 tests, at that stage, would have been seen as overkill.

    1. They were supposed to go in unbiased, but if Barry is any example then they did have personal (if not expressed) biases. In retrospect, after their initial studies were complete and they still were filled with questions I’m sure some of them wished they had included C-14 as part of the original parameters.

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