imageStephen Jones has picked up on Antonacci’s recent release from a story that appeared in the The Edwardsville Intelligencer (a suburb of St. Louis).  As of this morning, this seems to be the only news outlet to pick up the story. Well, that and two blogs.

Stephen, as he has been doing with all news stories lately, analyzes the story and adds his thoughts. He concludes:

It will be interesting to see what the Vatican’s response (if any) to this petition will be. If the Pope (the owner of the Shroud) does agree to further testing of the Shroud, I doubt that it will be in response to effectively one individual’s (Antonacci’s), request. My guess is that to minimise any further controversy the Vatican would probably want to see a broad consensus among Shroud pro-authenticists (and maybe even including Shroud anti-authenticists), of what the tests would be, how they would be carried out and by whom, before it agrees to any further testing of the Shroud.

I agree with Stephen. We only need to look back to the 1980’s to see how to go about this in the right way. Then, John Jackson gathered solid support from many credible scientists in different fields and developed a well-reasoned, scientific plan for examining the shroud. The result was STURP.

A petition like this one is probably counterproductive. It glaringly show the lack of support among shroud scientists and scholars.