imageA reader writes:

My wife sent me these images.  A Canadian filmmaker has posted a retouched image of a Bouguereau painting of the Virgin Mary — using the face on the Shroud as a guide.  The results are, I think, stunning.

Image 1 is William-Adolphe Bouguereau’s1888 painting "Virgin and Child."

Image 2 is an animated gif showing how Julian Lasbliez, a Canadian filmmaker and artist, re-touched Bouguereau’s painting using the proportions of Christ’s face on the Shroud of Turin.

Image 3 is the final result.

I can’t exactly recommend any of his other work, but this is now officially my favorite image of Mary.  Lasbliez originally posted the photo here: LINK 

Click on the picture to get a zoomable jpeg. It is quite spectacular in larger format.