Personal Attacks on Others

Colin Berry wrote in a comment:

This retired science bod refuses to remain silent, and will NOT be shut up by yours or anyone else’s ill-informed put-downs..

That is his right: to refuse to remain silent. But he will not get to continue his cruel attacks on others within this blog. Positive contributions in science, history or philosophy that pertain to the subject of a posting are welcome. For the time being, however, Colin’s comments will be reviewed by me before being posted. If necessary I may edit or reject what he submits.

The number of complaints I have received is sufficient reason for me to take this action with Colin’s comments. I have no issue with his skepticism or his worldview. We need that here. But we don’t need unwarranted, mean personal attacks on others. Such comments are a thing of the past in this blog.

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  1. To be fair, Colin’s not the only one who needs this reminder. There’s enough high horses around here at times to start a Leipzig show.

  2. To be fair, yes. But Dr. Berry’s attack on “Professor” Max was over the top. It was mean, just plain mean. I’m surprised Dan didn’t pull the plug sooner.

  3. This is a good step, moderation is something I had suggested months ago on this very blog. Hope this step applies to self-appointed judges too…

  4. Folk seem to be assuming that it was my attack on MPH for claiming he was once a University professor (as the term is generally understood) that warrants this post. Possibly, although it’s worth noting that MPH’s responses were being blocked while I was still free to comment, so it was not a one-way street.

    What folk don’t seem to appreciate is that I have been forthright these last few days towards others too, first DaveB for failing to understand the scientific method (you do not attack someone who proposes a new round of experimentation, no matter what you think about the underlying ideas) and then STURP for its fostering of poorly-argued science (Rogers’ starch/amine, with no consideration of the PCW, and Adler’s castle-building in the sky with those anomalous blood findings).

    I have already had a comment rejected here – stating that I will not be submitting any more on account on the threatened pre-moderation/vetting.

    This one, perhaps my last, is simply to flag up the fact that what Dan Porter refers to as “personal attacks” without being specific may be as much to do with the others mentioned above as it does to MPH.

    Dan and I obviously differ in what is meant by a “personal attack”, and is perhaps unaccustomed to robust internet debate, but I do not intend to go into that while there is any chance of my comments here failing to appear (including this one) or even being partially blue-pencilled.

    I may decide to give a fuller background on my sciencebuzz site, depending on what happens in the next day or two.

    To Louis, with whom our discussion on existentialism and other matters was interrupted, the post with our exchange is no longer visible in the sidebar, either Posts or Recent Comments, was:

    1. I do not accept Dr Berry’s accusation that I fail to understand the scientific method. I view it as his defensive knee-jerk reaction to some disagreement we had, and I don’t intend a post mortem on the circumstances. I had reason for working closely with a variety of scientists during my engineering career. Some impressed me, others less so, for they all happened to be human. I consider myself particularly well-informed on the history of science, from ancient times to the present, so I think I understand science well enough, and the methods of scientists. My engineering superiors occasionally accused me of being too scientific, as practical considerations of the moment demand sufficing answers, not necessarily the ideal. My general views on how matters should be discussed here are stated below.

  5. good to see, and as David said Colin isn’t the only culprit. Let’s all act with respect and like adults rather than kindergarten children

  6. There are known facts, there are speculations, and there are interpretations. I have few problems with others disagreeing with what I may have to say, particularly if it is done in a courteous manner, and if they can demonstrate that they’re no less informed than I may happen to be. We might even have a good discussion about it. And if you can persuade me, I hope you’ll allow me the dignity of changing my mind, without seeing it as a point scoring contest. And if I happen to be better informed on some particular topic, I hope I can allow you the freedom of seeing the matter differently, without my feeling aggrieved. And if you have a particular expertise, which leads you to radical unconventional conclusions, but fail to explain them adequately or clearly, then you ought not to take it as a personal insult if you have failed to persuade me. Abusing my ignorance wll not change my mind, and the fault may very well be yours! In matters of discussion, there has to have been a good reason why the Good Lord gave us two ears, but only one mouth! A corresponding principle needs apply to blogging. Listen before speaking! Read before commenting!

  7. Doctor Colin Berry wrote: “although it’s worth noting that MPH’s responses were being blocked while I was still free to comment, so it was not a one-way street.”

    The TRUE fact is ALL my comment were published by Dan. All of them were just awaiting moderation while (most curiously) Doctor Colin Berry’s & wife’s were free to spit on me…

    Max Patrick Hamon ancien Professeur/Oustadh à l’Université de Riyad

  8. English translation for Ustadh fi Al-Djamieh Er-Riyadh: “Professor at the University of Riyadh”, whether Doctor Berry & Wife like it OR NOT.

  9. Or in other words Ustadh fil-kulie(t) el-Adab (كلية الآداب) wa el-kulie et-terbieh (كلية التربية), “Professor at the faculty of Arts and the college of education”.

  10. BTW, I STILL can speak and read Arabic (modern standard Arabic + a few Eastern Arabic language varieties)

  11. Reminder for Dan: I had to pass my comments via my girlfriend’s computer to reply to Doctor Colin Berry & Wife’s ‘darling’ ad homs.

  12. Dan, how come then, STILL TO PRESENT, I just cannot pass comment under my name on THREE THREADS and had to recur to my girlfriend name to pass my comments in reply to the Doctor Colin and Wife’s ‘blog show’ when the latter ARE FREE to do so?

  13. If ONLY Doctor Colin Berry could stick to his element (chemical/comical matter)…

  14. Max, you are perceptive, so you know that the realm of Shroud studies has always been a minefield and you need a lot of patience. Maybe you didn’t read the tip I gave you and Colin on this blog: Although you don’t have much time, do think of a homepage or about putting your papers in pdf and contacting Shroud websites which would be willing to post them, providing links to them on this blog. Both you and Colin have an advantage, and that is the fact that both of you can be located, which is not the case with bloggers hiding behind pseudonyms and making aggressive comments, behaving like self-appointed judges. I hope Dan Porter thinks about rejecting anonymous bloggers, as he too seems to have reached the limits of his patience. From what can be seen in some of the comments above, his advice seems to be falling on deaf ears and it is a sign of intelligence to learn from mistakes. Best.

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