image“This guy said he has the fabric already’

From The Mercury of Pottstown, Pennsylvania, Artifactory is putting history in your hands (notice the shroud replica on the wall):

DOUGLASS (Berks) — Imagine having a replica of the Shroud of Turin, a Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth, a poster of the blueprints for the space shuttle, or the golf club used on the moon hanging on your wall or on display in your house. That is the focus of Artifactory Inc. — creating and distributing historically significant archaeological and aerospace artifacts.

And there is this:

Another product Artifactory offers is a replica of the Shroud of Turin — a length of linen cloth regarded by many Christians as a contact relic of Jesus.

“We received a high resolution scan from one of the priests that worked on the restoration team at the Vatican,” Dymszo added.

According to the company website, Artifactory is the only company with access to the scan. While the version Artifactory produces is currently produced on polyester, Dymszo wants to produce it on a more authentic material for universities, museums or serious collectors, but he was told by suppliers it could not be done. Dymszo has since made contact with someone who thinks he can help.

“It (the fabric) is a 3-in-1 herringbone weave not produced for thousands of years. This guy said he has the fabric already. We’re going to meet in Manhattan sometime in the next month to talk about a joint partnership.”

Who is that priest? Could we get a copy of the hi-res scan for research?