imageJohn Klotz writes:

I had kidded Barrie about his extended tour in April being like a missionary journey of St. Paul. Not so fumy. Today after perusing the RealClearPolitics and History pages on the webs, I though I would drop in to the RealClearReligion page. Sure enough there was a linked story, ‘Science Can’t Explain the Shroud,’ and the link took you a Catholic News Service page with an article concerning guess who? We have all seen it before but the RealClearReligion page spreads the word even further. The linked  article is

The message of that article title, ‘Science Can’t Explain the Shroud,’ though something of an argumentum ad ignorantiam, is perhaps overtaking all the faked image hypotheses and burying the 1988 carbon dating deeper in the ash bin of science done badly. Seeing it on the front page of RCR is important, as John notes, in spreading the word.