imageRiver Laker, publicist for an upcoming novel by Jim O’Shea (Wayside Press), writes:

The Linen God is based on the fascinating history and science surrounding the legendary Shroud of Turin. It is similar to Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons, taking readers on a thrill ride spanning continents and millennia. However, it is different than Brown’s secular works in that it delivers a powerful faith message while helping to establish historic and scientific credibility for the legitimacy of this amazing artifact.

As, who I believe to be a Shroud advocate like Mr. O’Shea, I was hoping you might help spread the word on this highly anticipated novel, due to hit bookshelves on July 1 (paperback and ebook). Mr. O’Shea’s goal with this novel is to reach not just people who have an existing interest in the Shroud, but even more those that may never visited a Shroud-related website or, in some cases, have no idea what the Shroud of Turin is!

We believe this novel may be able to reach people in ways non-fiction books, articles, television, and websites have failed to.

The Facebook link below contains a synopsis, sample chapters and advance reader’s reviews (currently rated 5 stars!) of The Linen God. I was hoping you could "Share" this Facebook page as well as forward this information along to friends/colleagues and perhaps post the link on the Shroud of Turin blog if you deem appropriate.

And River sent along a review excerpt by award-winning novelist Doug Peterson:

Weaving together Vatican politics and the mystery of the Shroud of Turin, Jim O’Shea has crafted a wonderfully engaging, page-turning thriller. In this fast-paced debut novel, O’Shea combines science and faith with a healthy dose of suspense, and the result is a harrowing adventure that is part Michael Crichton, part Frank Peretti.

Good and evil in their purest forms collide in a climax that threatens the future of the Church. And at the center of it all is the mystery of the Shroud and the mystery of the Incarnation, which left an indelible mark on the world—and quite possibly on a piece of ancient linen. The Linen God will leave its mark on readers as well.