YouTube: The Restoration and Backside Scans

FASCINATING & with English Voiceover: Russ Breault found this YouTube, “The Shroud of Turin – Fabric Materieals,” about the restoration and the scan of the back image. The link is

3 thoughts on “YouTube: The Restoration and Backside Scans”

  1. Gloves, (protective clothing, masks), anyone? In situations of low copy number/degraded DNA, controlling the amount of exogenous DNA that might be inadvertently introduced by handling is particularly crucial.

    Not to beat a dead horse [“Whose DNA is it, anyway? Immunoglobulin, the T cell receptor, and the Shroud of Turin”], but perhaps for posterity’s sake, it might be worth considering the collection & storage of samples (cheek swab) for the potential generation of a background DNA database for all who come in contact with the Shroud, literally as shown around the 3:00 and 5:15 marks, or otherwise.

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