A reader writes:

I want to watch the Real Face of Jesus before Easter. Will the History Channel being showing again this year?

The online schedule for the History Channel (in the U.S.) only goes out to March 16 and Easter (Gregorian) is March 31. My bet is that the History Channel will show it again around Easter in the U.S., the U.K. and on some of other international History channels. So watch the schedule.

But you have several good options for watching this highly rated Shroud of Turin documentary:

1) You can watch it by linking to YouTube or you can watch it right here.

The Real Face of Jesus from the History Channel


2) For $1.99, you can purchase a downloadable version (search for “Real face of Jesus”). This can be viewed with many television set top boxes, such as TIVO, or on your computer. You can watch it as often as you want. This version is available in HD format.

3) Tor $3.99, you can also purchase an Apple iTunes version for the iPad, iPhone or your computer.

4) For $24,95, you can buy the DVD from Amazon or the History Channel. It is often on sale for less.

I keep a fully licensed version on my laptop and another one on my iPhone. I’ve used the iPhone version with a large-screen projector to show clips of the show to an audience.