Colin Berry is changing course (again):

clip_image001Crunch time has arrived, given the Vatican has dropped any pretence at neutrality and is now seeking actively to promote authenticity. (That much has been clear to some of us for a while)

Neutrality, Colin?

Getting the RS [= Royal Society, which acts as the UK’s Academy of Sciences] involved is now my top priority. I will spend time re-composing that draft letter I posted here a while ago (receiving a number of encouraging responses) , mail it to the RS, and then see what if any response  I get. After long reflection, I’ve decided t will NOT be an open letter as initially proposed. The RS should not be made to feel it is under any pressure. I also believe that as the author of well over 150 Shroud-related postings in the public domain, having listened carefully to all the responses – positive or negative – I am entitled now to deal with the RS on a private 1:1 basis, saying frankly what I think and don’t think at this particular juncture,  without having to watch my back.

If the RS agrees to act, then  it goes without saying that it would have my permission to retroactively publish the letter that started the ball-rolling, where my case for RS involvement  is set out to break the present impasse (especially as the Vatican has made no moves to get the radiocarbon dating repeated with a more sensible, statistically-rigorous  sampling frame, while taking a progressively harder line on authenticity).


If the Royal Society agrees to act, maybe the British Navy can blockade all the sea channels to the Vatican. If that doesn’t work, Prince Harry could lead a helicopter attack on the Turin Cathedral and capture the shroud for more carbon dating at Oxford.