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imageA “Passing Stranger” writes in a comment:

Wow!! Even by the standards of the nonsense that shroudies come out with the “coins on the eyelids” is far out. Ignore mere facts about the cloth, image processing, numismatics and Jewish burial customs just to cling to the chance this medieval fake is real.

Dear Passing Stranger. Thanks for dropping by. The the mere fact that your comment appears here shows that we don’t ignore these facts. It may be difficult to notice if you are just passing through; many of us agree with you except on one specific point; most of us don’t think the shroud is medieval. However, a couple of us do think it is medieval. Charles Freeman and Colin Berry come to mind. Of course, Colin is not a shroudie. He is a shroudologist.

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  1. Dan, you wote: “Colin is not a shroudie. He is a shroudologist. ”

    Colin Berry is neither a shroudiie, nor a shroudologist (as the latter word implies Shroud body image and blood decals LOGIC):

    1/ His “Lirey badge neo-templar theory” is Mickey Mouse Templar archaeology and double entendre cryptology in other words “B******t”!
    2/ His “leeches used as felt-tipped pens to mock wounds, blood rivulets etc theory” is Mickey Mouse ancient blood pattern analysis, in other words “B******t”!
    3/ “His” scorch theory (based on the first two theories above) is half Mickey Mouse Shroud science in other words “half B******t” because of his VERY POOR descriptive knowlege of the Turin Sindon (till recently, he could not even discriminate between the Sindon weft side and wrap side!).

  2. Correction:Colin Berry’s PhD degree is not TELLING-SCIENTIFIC-&-SCHOLARLY bullshitproof.

  3. R-Reminder: Colin Berry IS NOT a qualified expert in the relevant fields he keeps making claims namely Templar archaeology/history/cryptology and (ancient) blood pattern analysis. [edited]

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