imageThe following is a Google Translation of an article by Maria Teresa Martinengo that appeared in Vatican Insider:

The International Centre for Sindonologia of Turin, which by statute "ensures every scientific support, technical and organizational field Shroud to the Papal Custodian of the Shroud," that the archbishop of Turin, the president Bruno Barberis [pictured] distances himself from theories that Professor Giulio Fanti supports the "Journal of Imaging Science and Technology." Above all, the conclusion reached by the Paduan professor when he says, "would be required voltages up to tens of millions of volts. Or, coming from the scientific field, a phenomenon linked to the resurrection. "

Professor Barberis, a mathematician at the University of Turin is categorical: "We are scientists and we must always remember the lesson of Galileo. If we can not verify, and reproduce, our study did not have scientific importance. And the resurrection that Fanti wants to prove scientifically – we can not reproduce in the laboratory. Of course, we can not reproduce the nuclear reactions in the sun, but we can study the sun with sophisticated tools that we have today. We know what happens. Another is the case of the resurrection. "

Insists, Barberis: "The resurrection is called supernatural phenomenon, and can not be studied by the sciences we need to understand the natural phenomena. As long as a man can not bring back to life someone verify this phenomenon, talk is out of place. "

For Barberis, one of the scientists closer to the Church of Turin, the concerns are many. "The corona mentioned Fanti may also be the case, but a natural phenomenon that reproduces in the size you need is not there. And with the current tools, corona is only applicable to a small piece of tissue. "

Reiterates several times the same concept, Bruno Barberis. "If there is something scientific – notes – I have to be able to repeat in the laboratory, otherwise it is not scientific. This approach is the only possible one, shared by the International Centre for Sindonologia and many other scientists who do not want to prove anything. "

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