The Real Face of Jesus: Ray Downing Suing A&E, Owner of the History Channel

clip_image001Was this thing just too successful? Will this throttle-back the success of “The Real Face of Jesus?” going forward? Ray Downing reads this blog. Hopefully we will hear from him.

INews Hollywood is reporting that A&E Television Faces Lawsuit Over Copyright of 3D Jesus Christ:

Raymond Downing, a New York-based 3D digital illustrator, is suing A&E Television Networks, owner of the History Channel, and Left Right Inc., a production company, for infringing the copyright of his virtual reproduction of Jesus by overusing material subject to a licensing agreement.

According to his lawsuit, which has just been moved to a New York federal court, Downing, and his Studio Macbeth firm, first created a virtual depiction of Abraham Lincoln, which he licensed to the History Channel for the 2009 show, Stealing Lincoln’s Body. Downing won an Emmy for his work.

An executive producer at History Channel then visited Downing’s studio and witnessed an exhibition of the 3D digital recreation of Jesus from the Shroud of Turin. Apparently impressed, the History Channel then licensed "Virtual Jesus" for a 2010 program called The Real Face of Jesus?

But Downing says the rights granted were limited — History was allegedly only allowed 10 graphic animation sequences and the rights were "non-transferable, non-sublicensable and related solely to the Real Face of Jesus Program for the History Channel."

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8 thoughts on “The Real Face of Jesus: Ray Downing Suing A&E, Owner of the History Channel”

  1. Ray please look for a book called “Urantia” It will tell you a description of what really occured at the time of the resurection of Christ

  2. This is so disappointing as I saw this as a wonderful gift God had given us all and that Ray was the messenger. I never imagined it would become a battle over financial gain. It is like Ray learned nothing at all from our lord.

  3. no one person owns the face of our lord you should both be ashamed using our lord and savior for personal gain

  4. Dear Ray your work on the shroud is beyound words. I would like to know what you belived befor that work, and what you belive now.

  5. From Ron, Ray did a wonderful service for all who love the Jesus and as any workman for hire he should receive what is rightfully his. thank-you Ray.

  6. People, the history channel steals his work and you accuse Ray of being unlike Jesus, because he’s upset about it?!?!

    The commandments include “thou shalt not steal.”

  7. Sharon and Dana, the fabric on Canvas is very expensive, then the package and the mailman
    and all the years Ray worked on this. I just got my order from I am the way 2. And it is beautiful. It took 7 days to get the painting over here to the Netherlands. And believe me I am Happy with my birthday present my husband gave to me. It increase my faith in Jesus(Jehoshua Ha Mesiach) And what Ray has done, well I’ll think Jesus choose him,
    a real Artist with vision, and that knowledge came also from the Lord himself. We are living in a time that the anti Christ could reveal himself. And know we know hoe Jesus look like and there will be no mistake for Christians. Most of you love to pay those TV preachers who tell you everything in place except for the real truth.
    With men it is all impossible, but with Jesus anything is possible.
    Take for example youtube, everyone makes movies to get His or Her truth.
    But no one has the truth than Jesus alone, seeking the truth and you will find all the answers.
    Ray pointed out how Jesus was tortured for you and my mistakes. For that reason alone everyone should be grateful. Thank you Ray for many years of work on the Shroud

    Jesus bless you and all who stood by you.

    Greeting From The Netherlands


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