imageGiulio Fanti writes:

. . . an additional confirmation that the TS was the model of Christ’s images during the Byzantine Empire, I have found a very interesting variant of the Face of Christ on Justinian II’s Solidus (685-695) AD showing long hair only on the left and SKEW NOSE.

As you know, there are dozens of different variants of the Face of Christ in Justinian II made in different mints during these years, but the face [at right or in larger format here as "Justinian II – Face of Christ with skew nose.jpg" is the first one that reports the skew nose.

As also there are clearly visible the longer left hair than the right ones, that are longer than in other similar coins, I deduce that this Face was one of the first minted after the sculptor looked at the TS.

In fact, in agreement with Alan (Whanger), the Face of Christ became more and more less typical of the TS with the time passing.

Someone will say that this is a minting error, but "casually" also the curvature is in agreement with that of the TS!

Every comment against my interpretation of this clue is welcome, also from Dan’s Blog. (Dan, you are free to use this information if you clearly show my copyright).

I’m impressed. Comments, as Giulio makes it clear, are welcome.

Photograph bears copyright notice: G. Fanti 2012. Used here with implied permission.