Shroud of Turin Bargain of the Day: In Home & Kitchen, No Less

With savings of $905.00, who can complain that it isn’t eligible for Amazon Prime, meaning you will need to pay $4.00 for shipping. At these prices, only $595.00 while supplies last, you can buy several of these 6 foot long cloths.  Remember when Amazon sold books?


2 thoughts on “Shroud of Turin Bargain of the Day: In Home & Kitchen, No Less”

  1. I am still waiting for a sale of the Miracle Tablecloth made of genuine plastic with the the Last Supper, embossed right on there, that I heard about on the radio while driving to Fort Hood Texas in 1960.

  2. Just wondering if you would willing to link Akiane’s ‘Prince of Peace” back to our site by Art & SoulWorks. We are the exclusive licensor of Akiaen’s art which does not seem to be credited on you site – which I love by the way!
    We would be happy to refer to you site as well. Carol Corneliuson 303-670-0362

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