imageThe Forest Lake Times (Minnesota) is reporting:

Internationally renowned portrait and fresco artist Mark Balma, best known throughout the Twin Cities for his frescoes at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis and at the Cathedral of St. Paul, is donating six frescoes to St. John’s Lutheran Church and the community of Stacy.

Of particular note to shroud enthusiasts:

Balma (pictured here) is currently working with artist Ray Downing of Studio Macbeth. In March of 2010, the History Channel released a two-hour documentary of the Shroud of Turin. This 14-foot length of cloth is believed to be the actual burial shroud of Jesus. Using the information encoded in the shadowy image imprinted on the fabric, Downing produced a three-dimensional image of the face of Jesus.

Together, Balma and Downing are using the information garnered from his work to create the most historically accurate artistic rendering of Christ ever produced.

Full article: Renowned fresco artist Balma will donate work to St. John’s | The Forest Lake Times