imageFrom Stephen E. Jones for this picture of Joe Nickell:

Right: Shroud skeptic Joe Nickell, whose "Ph.D. is in English for graduate work focusing on literary investigation and folklore" posing as a white-coated scientist!: Source: Presumably that is yet another of the "over 200 `personas’" of Joe Nickell, which include "stage magician, carnival pitchman, private detective, blackjack dealer, riverboat manager, university instructor, author, and paranormal investigator" ("Joe Nickell," Wikipedia, 6 May 2012).]

Actually there is a whole, wonderful, don’t-miss-it posting there with the long title, The Shroud of Turin: You state that `there is no paint, dye or pigment on the Shroud that forms its image’ but it is claimed that `the Shroud contains red ochre and other paint pigments’