imageFor those of you owning a DVR or not going to church tomorrow morning, Thomas de Wesselow new book, The Sign: The Shroud of Turin and the Secret of the Resurrection will be the main topic on CBS Sunday Morning. De Wesselow will tell you how the shroud fooled the apostles into thinking that Jesus was resurrected. Yale Divinity’s Dean Harold Attridge will also be on the show.

The setting for the broadcast will be St. Ignatius Loyola Catholic Church on Park Avenue on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

The segment dealing with the shroud will air on Easter Sunday between 9:00 and 9:30 AM. By mid-afternoon Sunday, the story will be posted at CBS Sunday Morning’s website. From CBS:

COVER STORY: Shroud of Turin. It’s possibly the greatest "What if …" in the world. What if the Shroud of Turin really is the burial cloth Jesus was wrapped in . . . what if and the faint imprint on it, the image of a man who has been tortured and crucified, really is Christ himself?

In 1988, after a carbon dating test, it was declared a medieval fake – dating from between 1260 and 1390. But now an art historian backs its authenticity – and also offers a new take on the Resurrection which challenges Christian orthodoxy. Martha Teichner reports.

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Source:  Sunday Morning: Up next, recap and links – CBS News