imageAdam Boras Domingo, with a degree in Chemistry, is a novice on his way to becoming a priest. “So far, so good!”, he writes. His blog, The Songs of the Past In Rhyme with Infinite Time, is a testament to that. Go browsing. Enjoy

In a posting, Dwells God: The Beauty of Eucharistic Adoration, he writes:

In real life, we could not discount the fact that it could be difficult to stay an hour in front of the Blessed Sacrament. We have spoken about Jesus’ sacrifice for us yet we could also speak of a different sacrifice in our part when we choose to stay amidst all the distractions and pains of “staying”. We are not oblivious to the fact that we may have times that we say, “This is not going anywhere” or “I’d rather be somewhere else”. Yet we are called to make a sacrifice in the simplest meaning of the word sacrifice. It would be more correct, actually, to say that we must seek sacrifice. We are called to seek the Holy Face (Sacra-Facio) and in it we will find rest. In this Sacra-Facio, we find peace. More and more of our Protestant brethren are having a growing interest in the Shroud of Turin. Books, documentaries, and other scientific researches are being done or participated in by our Protestant Brethren to prove the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin. In a latest documentary on the Shroud by the History Channel, scientists in all Christian denominations reconstruct the Face of the Man in the shroud using all the latest scientific equipments, facilities and methods in the area. It just shows how Christians are in deep longing on seeing the Face of Christ. As Catholics, whether or not the Shroud is the real burial garment of Jesus, we need not look at it to see the Face of Christ, for we have the Blessed Sacrament. How blessed we are!