imageFANTASTIC: David Rolfe, renowned for British Academy Award winning The Silent Witness and other shroud related video productions, writes:

Championing the Shroud here in the UK is a bit of a cry in the wilderness and I am beginning to get a little hoarse. However, I keep shouting and my latest attempt is a new site which can be found here:

I have tried to make it as dispassionate and objective as possible and to encourage visitors to mount their own investigation. In this vast subject there is much not yet included but, over time, I hope the investigation will continue to broaden.

Inspired by the great waves of interest invoked on Dan’s site I have set up a competition with a minimum of $1,000 prize to determine the best suggested method for creating the Shroud image consistent with what we know and mediaeval techniques and materials. (I hope, Dan, you might use this to good effect). The winner does not have to show how a particular method can replicate the Shroud image but only come closest among the entries to a way of doing so. Of course, we cannot rule out the possibility that the answer will finally emerge and that will be – to say the least – interesting.

I hope to get advice from SSG members on the best way to broaden the investigation and contributions will be welcome. I have yet to determine the best way to judge the competition and would welcome advice on this, too. In my dreams, Richard Dawkins will take up the challenge. The gauntlet is laid down, anyway. He can give the $1,000 to his favourite charity as he would appear not to need the money.

Additionally on the site there is some C14 testing footage that was new to me.

With all good wishes


Be sure to explore. Use the Menu button. Find the Introduction button under Investigation. There is some great stuff. It is a fun site.

The $1000 competition is the least of it for most of us who are quite convinced that the image is not medieval. But for some, it should be interesting; Colin will you step up to the challenge. Early on, you should be able to offer suggestions for judging the contest.