imageBy Peter Mucha reports in the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Objects from what has been called the "Jesus Family Tomb" are coming to the Franklin Institute in May.

Among them is a bone box, or ossuary, bearing an inscription that can be translated as "Jesus son of Joseph," part of a major exhibit of Israeli artifacts in which the Dead Sea Scrolls have the starring role.

Also attention-getting will be a re-creation of the sacred Western (or Wailing) Wall that includes a three-ton stone from the actual landmark.

The Franklin Institute and New York’s Discovery Times Square – where the exhibit is running through late April – teamed up to stage the touring show, created by the Israel Antiquities Authority.

My wife and I have been meaning to visit Discovery Times Square to see the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit before it closes April 15. The ossuaries have been added to the exhibit so I guess I’ll see those too.