Wimpy Catholic on What Jesus Should Look Like

imageShe calls herself Sarah the Sede:

I have heard that He was extremely attractive, but then I saw a documentary on the Shroud of Turin, and he looked like a short, average-looking middle-eastern man. I was disappointed in spite of myself. I’ll just not think of it.

She was responding to Max Lindenman’s posting, The Meanest Jesus Ever in Diary of a Wimpy Catholic. This was choice:

No, if Jesus must look like anything, then from the Jewish point of view it’s best He look Italian. That way He’s a little cooler than the rest of us, but still a guy from the neighborhood.

Should we blame Ray Downing’s History Channel special, The Real Face of Jesus?

One thought on “Wimpy Catholic on What Jesus Should Look Like”

  1. Ah, it’s just the feminine point of view. I think it’s amusing and I believe she was trying to be amusing.

    If that’s the typical flavor of that blog, it’s probably not written for a male audience. :D

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