imageManny N. Black in The Shroud Of Turin: Real Or Fake? in the blog Otherworld Mystery:

What exactly is The Shroud of Turin? Well, if you’re a devout Catholic, it’s the sheet the Jesus Christ was buried in; if you’re anyone else, then well, the shroud is a mystery that has yet to be solved.

Being a devout Catholic doesn’t make you automatically believe it is really Jesus’ burial cloth. Many Catholics don’t believe it. It’s not doctrine or dogma. They don’t have to believe it. They are not expected to believe it.  Moreover, many Christians of many traditions, Eastern Orthodox, Anglican/Episcopal, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Evangelical, etc., etc., etc. sincerely believe it is real. I know of a couple of Jews that think so. I’ve met an Atheist who thinks so. I’ve corresponded with Muslims who think so. It is less and less a Catholic thing and more and more something for everyone to wonder about and perhaps believe in. I agree it is for everyone “a mystery that has yet to be solved.”