imageAccording to New York Art Beat, a showing of Hand Print Portraits by Gary Schneider of Johannesburg is at the David Krut Projects, 26th Street between 10th and 11th Avenues in Manhattan. The artist is quoted as saying:

These photographs, made without a camera, are sweat and heat imprints onto film emulsion. I consider handprint portraits to be as expressive as any of a face, more private, and possibly more revealing. They do not reveal race and, often, neither gender nor age. I borrow the imprint technique from the caves of Lascaux, (the earliest know examples of self identification) the ‘Shroud of Turin’, Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Female Fig Leaf,’ Yves Klein’s body prints, Jasper John’s ‘Studies for Skin’, and 19th century Spirit Photography.

What imprint technique from the Shroud of Turin? NYAB Event – Gary Schneider "HandPrint Portraits, Johannesburg"