imageI didn’t know whether to laugh or cry until I read the last paragraph of The Blood of Christ in the blog XChristXFiles:

When I told my brother that we may have the blood of Christ, he said sarcastically, that I should contact Dan Brown, and tell him we’re the real Merovingian. He was so unimpressed and sardonic that it made me think of a way for him to see a positive spin on having this bloodline. I have to add that my brother is a great despiser of Jesus Christ, and I can’t figure out why. It constantly annoys me, because, he’s so blasphemous that he claims Jesus doesn’t even exist.

Knowing he is very narcissistic, I was given a golden nugget of information to feed him, namely that if Jesus was AB Negative, and that was his shroud, that means that Mary’s blood was AB Negative. It also means that my brother is probably the only human in history besides Jesus to have AB Negative blood that was chromosomal female, because he only had maternal genes. My brother had leukemia and received a rescue bone marrow transplant from me, and it turned his blood into AB negative FEMALE blood, like Christ’;s or the Man of the Shroud’s.

Read to the very last paragraph. I’m not sure I know what Michelle is saying.