imageHere is Murdock’s New York Post, tabloid of tabloid, criticizing TIME magazine for being, well, tabloidy:

Just when you thought you’d had enough of Time, deciding that reading it was a chore, the magazine delivers a cover story on — we hate to say it — household chores. With many of us addled by the 11th-hour budget talks, the Greek debt crisis and the infernal heat wave [yes, check today’s Post headlines on the front page pictured above], some will no doubt prefer an article on chores to this magazine’s more traditional summer fare on Martians or the Shroud of Turin.

A quick Google suggests that the last time TIME ran a summer story on the Shroud of Turin was 1976. Yes, 35 years ago. That is their idea of traditional summer fare. There have been stories about the shroud at other times of the year and there was a letter to the editor in June of 2001 that mentioned the shroud. I tried to look up Martians among TIME summer stories but only found references to soil, terrain, NASA exploration, water and things like that. Typical of this tabloid owned by Murdoch’s News Corporation, they just make up stories as they go. I guess it beats phone hacking. Link:  Here’s the J.Lo-down –