imagePublic lecture by Joel Bernstein: The Shroud of Turin:

Scitech and The Institute of Advanced Studies at UWA invite you to a free public lecture as part of the International Year of Chemistry:

The Shroud of Turin: What science can tell us

by Joel Bernstein, Professor of Chemistry, NYU Abu Dhabi and Ben Gurion University of the Negev and 2011 UWA Institute of Advanced Studies Professor-at-Large

When: 28 Jul 2011 at 18:00 (6:00 pm)

Where: Horizon – The Planetarium, Scitech, City West.

Here is a flyer: Joel_Bernstein_-_The_Shroud_of_Turin_-_Flyer.pdf

This paragraph from the flyer is interesting:

This talk will examine the developments leading to McCrone’s investigations, the scientific basis and experimental aspects of McCrone’s study, the conclusions drawn from that study, and the absence or presence of confirming evidence for those conclusions. This has led to perhaps the quintessential conflict between acceptance of the validity and veracity of the scientific method on the one hand, and religious belief and faith on the other hand, and we will examine some of those issues as well.

Of course, that cuts both ways. In the realm of shroud studies we see the scientific method and even scientific integrity abandoned or ignored in the interest of non-belief. I think McCrone was an example.

I wonder how well Bernstein has studied the criticisms of McCrone. I’d love to see a video of the lecture.