HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Yannick Clément emailed me to suggest that I read and reference a recent paper, The Shroud of Turin From the Viewpoint of the Physical Sciences by Manny Carreira, S.J.

Fr. Carreira is a highly respected physicist, theologian and Jesuit priest. I have had the privilege of reading some of his comments and postings in the Shroud Science Group (SSG).

Barrie Schwortz introduces the paper on his website:

The fourth article is by highly respected physicist and sindonologist, Fr. Manny Carriera (sic), S.J., who I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time when I lectured in Madrid, Spain, in April 2011 (see above article). Fr. Carriera is a member of the Centro Español de Sindonologia (C.E.S.) in Spain and the online Shroud Science Group. In our very first conversation in Madrid, I knew immediately I was speaking with someone who understood the science of the Shroud. In fact, he presented me with an article he wrote titled, The Shroud of Turin From the Viewpoint of the Physical Sciences that starts with a very good assessment of the current state of Shroud science. Of course, Fr. Carriera is also a priest and theologian, so the article then shifts into other, more spiritual and theologic themes, which is why we have included it on the Religion and Philosophy page.

I do recommend reading it. It is easy to understand and makes good sense.