Ariel R. Rey in the Christian Post:

image“These are probably, possibly, the nails from that Caiaphas tomb,” [Filmmaker Simcha] Jacobovici (pictured) said, according to The Media Line. “So, if you accept that this is the tomb of Caiaphas and, if you accept that these nails came from that tomb, given that Caiaphas is only associated with the crucifixion of Jesus they very well could be those nails.”

Was that ‘if you accept’ plus ‘if you accept’ plus ‘Caiaphas is only associated with’ then ‘they very well could be’ ? OR JUST AS LIKELY NOT!

His claim is based on empirical data. Regarding extracting Jesus’ DNA from the nails, he said, “From what I understand you cannot get DNA from iron.

“Maybe in the future they will be able to. . .

What are we missing here? Science?

Jacobovici offered a theory, speculating that Caiaphas used the nails as a powerful talisman offering protection while alive and in the afterlife because he either became a follower or Christ or witnessed Jesus’ crucifixion.

‘theory, speculating’? On what basis? Is there a term for something more lunatic than conspiracy theory?

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