imageThe Blog is called Dear God, this is Kelley.

The subtitle reads, “Did anyone ever tell you not to question God? Don’t comply. Question. Stew. Rant. Rave. Talk. Whisper. Yell. But, never, never walk away before God responds. And God will respond. Are you ready?”

The posting reads, in part:

Lord, what have we done with Your name? What have I done with Your name? Jesus. Do I use it as one of those words to sigh when I’m frustrated? I hope not. But, does it bring with it all it should bring with it when it comes to mind?

Jesus. What should it bring to mind? Whom should it bring to mind?

Is it Robert Powell I picture? The actor who played You in Jesus of Nazareth? Is it the image someone painted from the Shroud of Turin? Or, is it Raphael’s painting I love so much?

Great posting. This is a blog to watch. Dear God, this is Kelley: Face to face