imagePraey to God: A Tasteful Trip Through Faith by Annette Cloutier (Xlibris 2011)

Some Shroudies mentioned: Barrie Schwortz, Sue Benford, Joe Marino, Ray Downing, John Jackson, Ray Rogers, Gilbert Lavoie, Barbara Frale, Flury-Lemberg, etc.

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From a website dedicated to the book:

Præy To God is a “Tasteful Trip” not only through the Faith of the author, but through Faith itself.  It begins in Volume I as a memoir and “Trips Through” the memoir right through Volume VI where the memoir is placed upon an altar.  In-between the pages of the memoir, the book also “Trips Through” theologies of worship not only underscoring the beauty of the memoir but propelling the development of Faith to a new exalted level. In Ms. Cloutiér’s six successive volumes of Prey To God: A Tasteful Trip Through Faith, she examines in detail her own Roman Catholic Faith by tracing its origins from ancient Judaism and Gnosticism–the flavors of which appear not only in the development of Christianity but also in the development of Islam.

Præy To God includes the recent 2002–2010 reappraisal regarding the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin, with the author’s further investigation of its Medieval French connection. 

Præy To God is a rare but relevant penetration into Religion.  It bridges the academic Theology of Harvard Divinity into an everyday world perspective. 

Watch for a review in the future.