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This week on The Bruce Collins Show- Spiderman! The Green Goblin! the man who performed the stunts for both superheroes- Stuntman Chris Carnel and back from his vacation at Disneyland Tripoli- Ralph Epperson, with some fascinating, little known information surrounding the Shroud of Turin!

Here we go again. Ralph Epperson (pictured below) calls himself a Conspiracy Historian. He thinks that the carbon dating samples were secretly switched. Here is what he says on his website.

Evidence of Conspiracy and Fraud
in the Dating of the Shroud of Turin

imageIn 1988, the Catholic Church allowed three scientists from laboratories specializing in "carbon-dating" to obtain pieces of the "Shroud of Turin," which many think was the actual burial shroud of Jesus Christ. TV cameras were rolling when the piece was actually cut from the Shroud in front of the scientists was taken from the room into a smaller room nearby, by the Cardinal of Turin, and two other scientists. These three men disappeared for one half of an hour, and when they returned, they gave the samples to the scientists.

Two researchers have found out that the cloth tested by the laboratories did not come from the Shroud but from a relic called "the cope of St. Louis d’ Anjou" worn from 1296-1297 A.D. After the substitute "shroud" was dated at around 1350 A.D. by the "carbon dating method," the real Shroud was called a "forgery." But, THE SHROUD IS GENUINE, because the piece of cloth tested by the three laboratories was a garment worn between 1296 and 1297! And these authors produced photographs to prove it!

If you want, he’ll even sell you a DVD for $12.00

Almost all shroud scholars reject this rather fanciful conspiracy theory. I certainly do. Link: The Bruce Collins Show: Sneak Peek at this week’s TBCS!