imageAnemoi, the blog, tips us off to a guest appearance and a discussion of the Shroud of Turin by Gary Habermas on Greg Koukl’s weekly radio show.  Here are the minute-by-minute details for Gary Habermas on The Shroud of Turin:

Host: Greg Koukl Guest: Gary Habermas on "The Shroud of Turin" (00:00:00) Commentary: Have You Considered the Pro-life Arguments (00:56:11) Caller Topics: 1. How do you distinguish between understanding the passage and reading into the passage? (01:16:19) 2. What’s past space? (01:25:46) 3. How do you avoid the is-ought fallacy when using a teleological argument? (01:36:52) 4. What do you think of "Lordship" theology? (01:54:29) 5. What happened to the burial cloths Jesus was wrapped in? (02:18:02) 6. Was American Revolution a violation of Romans 13 – submission to government? (02:32:03) 7. What are implications of artificial intelligence for Christianity? (02:43:23)

Good blog. Check it out: anemoi