A reader from Virginia Theological Seminary writes:

imageOn Dec 22 you wrote,” It’s interesting that Kevin Eckstrom’s article in the Huffington Post, For Top Religion Stories Of 2010, A Major Case Of Déjà vu, was illustrated with this picture of Dr. Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, with Pope Benedict XVI because it highlights the fact that the pope’s visit to England wasn’t even mentioned.”

Did you notice that the exhibition of the Shroud of Turin wasn’t mentioned? Eckstrom seems to think that these were more important stories:

  • Since 1976, when Episcopalians opened the priesthood to women, the last hold-out diocese, in Quincy, Ill., finally ordained its first female priest.
  • Ill health forced Donald Wildmon to retire as head of the American Family Association.

And you missed this fact. Wake up.

I goofed. I think that I intended to point out this fact. I should never post anything before my first cup of coffee. Thanks.

The best reporting I’ve seen is Turin 2010: A Personal Report by Barrie Schwortz

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