Two comments from B&B, with the second startling comment arriving only a half hour after the first:

1. Does it bother anyone that Tim Jull commandeered a souvenir or museum curiosity of the Holy Shroud that was given to Arizona expressly for c14 testing? Wasn’t there a protocol? Is this ethical? Now that Jull admits to having a piece of the shroud shouldn’t he return it to the rightful owner?

Think about the ramifications of this next comment. I think he may be right. Others have expressed similar concerns:

2. Hey, that isn’t even [a] piece of material from the shroud. Look at the photograph. That’s not 3 over 1 herringbone. Did Jull accidentally save a control sample and then study that by mistake? Is Arizona messed up or what?

imageI have now heard from five knowledgeable people who think that the fragment examined by Jull is not from the Shroud of Turin because it is not a 3-over-1 twill weave. What do you think?

To the right is the picture from the Jull paper. It is a small subset of the bigger picture below from a news account about the Jull paper. To my untrained eye it looks like a 2-over-1 twill which may or may not be herringbone. How do papers like this get corrected if such a mistake was made?