imageHere is the abstract of a convincing paper by Thibault Heimberger and Giulio Fanti. This pretty much settles it:

Luigi Garlaschelli recently provided an interesting “Shroud-like” image. He used a variant of the well-known NIckell’s rubbing technique on a sheet lying on the body of a volunteer and a bas relief for the face. For the first time a beautiful whole front and back image made by chemical discoloration of the cellulose was obtained.

After having explained the experiments, we examine the characteristics of the image at macroscopic level as well as’ at fabric, threads and fibers level to compare them with those of the Turin Shroud image. We conclude that most of the critical characteristics of the Turin Shroud image are very different from those of Garlaschelli’s image. As a consequence, it is unlikely a forger may have produced the body image or the Turin Shroud by this technique. We conclude the image is still not reproducible.

Full paper. HeimburgerWeb.pdf (application/pdf Object)