The creator is omnis (no real name given). Here is what he writes about how he created the image from a photograph of the shroud.

The Shroud of Turin . . . is a large woven cloth with burned sections, water spots, and the very faint "negative" image of a male body. It purports to be the burial shroud of Jesus Christ preserved from the time of his resurrection.

. . . My image comes from the negative of the photo of the shroud which reverses it’s "negative" image there to a positive, lifelike image. That image was then cropped to remove the distraction of the most prominant burn spots, retouched to subdue imperfections in the cloth, given greatly increased contrast to make the faint figure more visible, and colorized from pale salmon to gold.

So the visual truth of this image is as complicated as the religious truth of the shroud it depicts.

Some may find it interesting that the image shows a tall (6′), thin, ascetic, bearded, Viking-like Christ. Not at all what most jews in Jerusalem looked like in the year 33 AD.

This very last point assumes that it is an accurate depiction. I doubt that it is and accurate depiction due to cloth banding (variegation due to thread bleaching) and the fact that the image is NOT scientifically albedo.