Maria da Glória Gonçalves Barroso writes to let us know:

I came to know that at Trial of the Shroud of Turin at Newman University, Wichita October 27 conducted by former federal prosecutor Larry Schauf people who attended that event where both sides of the controversy were presented voted as a Jury at the end, pronouncing on authenticity of the Shroud.

Pro authenticity obtained an overwhelming 95% voting.

I also agree that 85% or may be more of people who seriously study the Shroud of Turin support authenticity.

Len Myers wonders:

This vote was at a Catholic University. What would the vote have been like at Kansas State? Better yet, Berkley, CA? What would the vote have been like after the exact same presentation at Yeshiva University?

I suspect that people who come to shroud presentations are religious. How many people changed their minds after hearing Larry Schauf?

I’m still pushing to have Larry’s presentation video recorded and released on the web. This will give all of us a chance to cast our own vote.

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