LinDee Rochelle, the Director of Author Services at Infinity Publishing wrote to me in public comment space and thus I am replying similarly:

Please get in touch with Bernie directly, regarding his excerpt about which you made the comment: "Maybe the publisher isn’t being fair to Mr. Schwindt. ‘Bernie, can you send me something I can understand?’”

We are a First Amendment press and assist our authors in their publishing projects. However, the individual authors are free to create and edit the information, synopsis, bio, and excerpt about his or her book, and post them (at no charge) on our bookstore site. In general circumstances, we do not judge nor censor our authors’ prose.

I understand from communication with Bernie that there has indeed, been a misunderstanding of his intended philosophy. Please work with Bernie to clarify his perspective; and thank you for reviewing an Infinity Publishing book.

I have not been able to understand a single paragraph that he has sent me. You say that you do not judge nor censor your authors’ prose. Do you don’t even look at it? The First Amendment has absolutely nothing to do with gibberish.