Jonathan Bonar, Campus Pastor at Christ Fellowship Royal Palm Campus, in Wellington.Florida:

Some believe we have the actual burial cloth of Jesus. The Shroud of Turin is an actual burial cloth of someone who was crucified in Palestine during the time of Christ and some claim it to be the cloth Jesus was wrapped in after his death and before his burial and resurrection. Whether or not it is actually Christ’s burial cloth, it gives us incredible evidence and insight into Roman crucifixion. Guess what? Scientists have intensely studied the Shroud of Turin with the aid of technology and have identified that the person buried in the Shroud of Turin had lacerations over his entire body (from head to ankles) and even small bruises in the shape of dumbbells. Jesus would have been barely recognizable as he carried his cross to Calvary.

. . . I’m young to have stage four metastatic colon cancer. I’ve got a wife and kids to provide for. I’ve sought to honor God with my life and serve Him full time as a pastor. I don’t smoke. I don’t even drink alcohol. Life is not fair! Then I recall life is not meant to be fair, Jonathan! Jesus never even sinned! All He did was travel through the countryside proclaiming grace and forgiveness, healing the disabled and sick, offering love and acceptance to those who had been cast away by society! He did not deserve that beating! He willingly submitted to it because it was part of saving my soul!

Johathan, know that others are praying for you and with you.

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