B&B writes:

Good tin hat posting. You might want to know that followers of the Urantia Book spend a lot of time looking for proof of their book’s “truth” in its prophetic power to predict scientific discovery and its coincidental power to explain phenomenon. They say their track record is great. Others see it very differently. Recently, they latched onto the Shroud of Turin. That is as regrettable. It can only hurt the shroud’s reputation. You might want to read about the book in Wikipedia.

I do agree that having the UB folks support the authenticity of the Shroud is not good for credibility. I think I implied that in my posting. I did read the Wikipedia article. It is interesting. This tidbit caught my attention:

According to The Urantia Book, multi-colored human races originated suddenly in one generation and in one family, producing brothers and sisters that variously turned blue, yellow, red, green, orange, and indigo when exposed to sunlight. Their offspring subsequently favored the parent color. Later, Adam and Eve produced a violet race. In the book’s account, the blue, yellow, and red races were considered "primary", and the green, orange, and indigo "secondary". The green and orange races were driven to extinction, and the rest mixed over time.

I bet Darwin missed that.