It’s a recurring nightmare. The radiation-ists are circling about the room, circling about Mother Nature who is sitting in the middle of them all. One of them speaks up.

“We need something, Mother Nature,” said one of them. “Maybe some mechanical transparency or maybe a neutron storm from the collapse of a perfect vacuum. How about an electroweak quantum tunnel or a Sphaleron field, whatever that is? Mother Nature, we need something that will create an image.”

“I can’t do that,” said Mother Nature. “It’s not in my nature. “Blame St. Augustine for messing with our minds when in City of God, he suggested that a miracle is not contrary to nature but only to our knowledge of nature. Miracles, he thought, were a concealed potential in nature. Philosophers have never been able to shake this. “Don’t you think that if God could raise Jesus to new life,” said the personification of all things natural, all things scientific, “he could create a picture without some intended or unintended byproduct of that miracle?”

I think I’m on the side of Mother Nature on this one.