Promotion for The Holy Winding Sheet: Exploring the Shroud of Turin

Presumably, we will be able to see it on the EWTN YouTube Channel in the near future.

This is a quick preview of the show broadcaset early this morning and to be shown again at 2:00 PM EDT today on EWTN. The documentary features Russ Breault, Barrie Schwortz, Mark Antonacci, and Art Lind. It was filmed in St. Louis by Salt River Productions.


imageWhen Parker Dow, a high school senior at a Catholic school in St. Louis, began his investigation into the Shroud of Turin as part of his senior thesis, he was surprised to find out most of his friends had never heard of this cloth that virtually all experts agree wrapped the crucified body of Jesus Christ.  This hour long documentary follows Parker for six months as he meets four of the world’s leading experts to learn firsthand about the Shroud and how they have come to believe it is the burial cloth of Jesus.  This fascinating documentary traces the Shroud’s journey from Jerusalem to Turin, explores the controversial 1988 carbon testing which dated the cloth to the Middle Ages, and with real human blood detected on the cloth shows how the image of the crucified man could not have been faked.  The Holy Winding Sheet – Exploring the Shroud of Turin is a contemporary look at a mystery 2,000 years in the making

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  1. I recorded and watched the program. I enjoyed it, though because I have been following the Shroud research close for the last few years I did not see anything new. I am one of those that is referred to as a believer. I believe that the Shroud of Turin is the burial cloth of Jesus Christ from which he resurrected through. Another way of thinking is that one moment, his dead physical human body was laying within the Shroud (laying on the bottom half with the top half placed and wrapped over the body and when his Divine soul re-entered his body, the body dissolved and was reconstituted outside of the wrapping. His Divine body and soul were free of the Shroud and was free to move about in the physical world as we know it. His new God given combined Body and Soul were able to appear and disappear at his will. This was the remainder of his earthly life until his Ascension 40 days later.

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