The Shroud on NBC’s Today Show

The Today show is the number two morning news show in America attracting more than five million viewers daily.  They dedicated almost four full minutes to the Shroud. There is a lot to react to. So watch it and comment


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  1. “at this explosive moment a burst of neutron is released”

    And you swallow this crap for your breakfast? Aren’t these italian scientists the real masters of comedy?

    1. People should listen to other italian scientists (experts in radiation) like Fazio and Mandaglio instead… But of course, their idea about the Shroud is not as attractive for those who love the supernatural as the idea of people like Fanti, Di Lazzaro, Jackson, etc.

      1. I’m not talking about the shroud, in the video “this explosive moment” refers to the explosion of concrete being compressed…… The idea of neutrons being released by such a ridiculous mechanical compression should be appalling for any scientist, even at 6 am before any coffee.

        The only question would be: who are these freaks?

        1. Same thing apply for the idea of a dead body that would release a suddent burst of energy that would color the topmost fibers of a linen cloth at 4 cm of distance but not at 5 cm or beyond…

  2. A balanced report that will make people aware that research is still underway, meaning that 1988 was not the last word.

  3. Hi Joe
    I was referring to the NBC report and unfortunately I did not hear anything more after Daniel Raffard de Brienne told me that CIELT was preparing a “dossier” and that was years ago. I have received bits of information and complaints about what is going on in the realm of Shroud studies from here and there but gaps have to be filled and this is not an easy task since cooperation among “Shroudies” is yet to be seen.
    Let me take this opportunity to tell you something, where I will not have to mince words since you are a theologian and will grasp what is meant easily.
    Everyone wants to know whether it is Jesus — who played the central role in history — who is the man seen on the Shroud.
    If it really is Jesus, what is the message of the Shroud? If the image was formed in a natural manner, what will it tell us? We know what was done to Jesus. It is in the Gospels. Mahatma Gandhi literally broke into tears the first time he saw a crucifix, when he left London, where he was studying law at the Inner Temple, and went to Rome on holiday and visited the Sistine Chapel. It is doubtful if he knew something about the Shroud.
    If supernatural agency was involved will it answer all our questions? It doesn’t seem so because science is telling us some things that clash with what is written in the Bible. There are things beyond the purview of the Bible and systematic theologians have not been able to answer questions that have been raised so far. We have to “rethink” what is meant by Monotheism. Is that heresy? No it is’nt. We must remember that Jesus said things that made people who heard him realise that he was presenting himself as someone different from the rest of mankind. He has his own views about God, Moses and Scripture. If the Shroud image was produced by supernatural means it will have to conform to these views.
    Life in the world is getting to be very uncomfortable, more people are now wondering if God exists and where he can be found. It has left even great biblical scholars thinking:
    But is not enough to just think of Jesus in terms of an existential spiritual legacy.
    You can contact me by email whenever you need.

  4. When Jesus was here on Earth 2000 years ago, he performed many miracles-raising of Lazarus, turning water into wine, cured the sick and blind, sudden abundance of bread and fish Did these miracles happened naturally? No. I believe the Resurrection was one of his many miracles. The image was not created naturally. Do we know how He turned water into wine? Do we know how He raised Lazarus from the dead? No, we don’t know. I don’t think we’re ever going to know how the image was formed either. Its a miracle!

    1. Yes Don radiation emitted from the dead body of Jesus and creating an image on the burial cloth is a miracle. No scientist can re-enact the resurrection process.

  5. I believe that the radiocarbon test, a destructive test,
    has something to do with the hate against the Shroud…

    Here a recent example of hate:
    >Israeli extremists burn the church where Jesus multiplied loaves and fishes.
    Thursday June 18, 2015
    author =y Celine Hagbard – IMEMC News Report post
    >Early Thursday morning, right-wing Israelis set on fire the Church of the Multiplication, where Christians believe that Jesus multiplied loaves and fishes, and wrote graffiti in Hebrew on the walls that read, “False idols will be smashed” and “Pagans”.
    >The fire was set at about 3 am in the early hours of Thursday morning, severely damaging church offices and storage rooms.
    >The entire church was saturated with smoke damage.
    >In addition, Hebrew graffiti was spraypainted all over
    the front entrance to the church reading “Pagans” in red paint. … …

    — *** —
    I think that the scientist (and here I don’t speak against Fanti,
    the case is more general) who wants to burn a piece
    of the Shroud (…especially if that piece has been involved
    with the Body Image!) with a C14 test shows a certain affinity
    with the mentality of the gestures of hate.
    In my opinion we can burn only what is not an
    original piece of the Holy Shroud (for example:
    a mending truly certified through previous
    AFM-Raman analyses!).
    — —
    The true Science has nothing to do with violence.
    See the case of Einstein that waited until 1939 to communicate
    with a letter to Roosevelt about the atomic bomb…

    Einstein and the possibility of constructing “extremely powerful bombs of a new type”:


    1. Errata corrige:
      >See also the case of Einstein, the famous scientist who loved the Peace, who waited until 1939 to communicate

      Instead of:
      >See the case of Einstein that waited until 1939 to communicate
      — —
      Sorry, I wrote under an emotional trouble (also because, this morning,
      only one tooth was cured, instead of four teeth…).

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